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We have arrived in Ely.

After days and days in a terrible heat in Las Vegas, we are happy to arrive in Ely.
The whole team has done a terrific job, and now we are excited to see how we are able to perform on the tracks.
We are also really overwelmed by the fantastic welcome we have got. The hospitality from everyone we meet, is nothing less than fantastic. Thank you all! It makes the rest of our work so much easier, and we are really looking forward to the days up here in Nevada.

We are going to participate in all the races up here, preparing for the big one at September 16th.
So far it looks good; the car is running well, and we have had only small unexpected problems.

Tomorrow we start at 3 a.m. to go to the Silver State Classic Challenge. We have great expectations for the race, and hope to be able to set a new record. 
In the meantime, we thank all of you who helped come this far.

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