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Polly Motorsports Trans Am

Photo: Camilla Smistad Tofterå

Performance for Trans Am 540 cid supercharger, 1407 hp:

0-100 kph (0-62 mph): 1,9 sec,
0-200 kph (0-124 mph): 5,29 sec,
0-300 kph: (0-187 mph): 11,91 sec.


1/8 mile (201m): 5,77 sec-208 kph (Amcar Raceway, Gardermoen 2015),
1/4 mile (402m): 8,89 sec-251 kph (Amcar Raceway, Gardermoen 2015).
60 ft: 1,45 sek.

Highest recorded speed is 407.134 kph. This is currently the highest official recorded speed in Europe for street-legal cars. The speed record was set on the ATP-Papenburg test track, Germany October 2008. Record set on wet surface.

Technical facts:

Car: 1986 Ponitac Trans Am.


Owner: Pål Arvid Blytt, Bergen, Norge.


Engine: Chevrolet 540 cid Donovan aluminiumsblock with Dart heads, custom hand built intake with charge coolers, Cailles billet crank, Oliver rods, JE pistons, custom camshaft, Jesel 1.7 shaft rockers, MoTeC Engine management, MoTeC dash logger, MoTeC PDM system, Custom dry sump oil system, Procharger F3R, custom 2.25" headers and 5" exhaust system. Oil: AGIP 10w60 Racing.

ZF 6 speed modified gearbox.
Top speed on 5th gear,
6th gear for high speed "cruising" - 300 kph at 2.700 rpm.


Front wheel suspension: Custom built fully adjustable geometry with rod ends. Custom Bilstein coilover shocks in cooperation with Mobeck Tekniske, steering in cooperation with Tony Woodward.


Rear suspension: 9" Floater rearend, DPS axles, Aluminium 3rd member with Thorsen differential and 2.47:1 gear for high speed racing. Custom built torque arm and links for rear end with rod ends.
Custom rear mounted Bilstein coilover shocks in cooperation with Mobeck Tekniske.


Brakes: for race: 400mm (15,5") carbon w 6 piston calipers Brembo, 13" rear w 4 piston calipers.


Wheels and tires: Huge consumption for tires :-).
4 sets of wheels for different aplications.,

Paint: Black


Inredning: MOMO Chairs, MoTeC instruments, MoTeC dashlogger, MoTeC PDM system, full roll cage.


Weight: 4600 lbs incl driver, navigator and fully tanked 47 gallon fuel cell
Weight distribution 50/50





Facts summary:

  • 1986 Ponitac Trans Am
  • 1407 hk
  • 0-100km/t: 1,9sec.
  • 407.134 km/t top speed (Highest recorded)
  • 2040 kg incl. fuel and driver


Foto: Camilla Smistad Tofterå

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